We take care of the technical services and equipment in your industry

Climanova specialises in technical services, 
with years of experience and expertise within industrial environments.


With a focus on innovation, efficiency and sustainability, we realise a business environment in which your processes, installations and employees can function optimally.

The challenge of a client is central to our approach. In response, we develop customised solutions and innovative concepts that are ecologically and economically appropriate. From small assignments to complete turnkey projects, and from study to realisation.

We take care of everything and communicate clearly. Working from the pragmatic approach of our motivated team of specialists and our business partners. This is what characterises us and what we stand for.


"Your technology is our mission"

The characteristics
that we stand for


So that you can focus
on your core business

  • We take care of the entire project, from A to Z
  • Solution-oriented and taking responsibility
  • A cost-effective and pragmatic approach
  • Cooperation with reliable suppliers and business partners
Where we already applied our expertise



Technical expertise based on more than 30 years of experience

Climanova is a specialised technical service provider with branches in Eede (the Netherlands) and Ghent (Belgium). We are active in the regions Southwest Netherlands and Flanders.


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Our method

Structured and clear


Every assignment is unique. We always start from the customer's problem, to which we apply the necessary knowledge, expertise and services in order to achieve an optimal solution. From small projects to large-scale turnkey projects.


Cooperation with quality partners

Partnership with SIEMENS


For years we have been using the high quality techniques from SIEMENS in the field of control technology and industrial automation.

This cooperation has led to a strategic partnership, in which we are used as preferred supplier and knowledge partner.



Industries where we have experience

Because no two industries are the same when it comes to the technical design of a industrial environment.
Proces industry 
Electrical engineering
Civil engineering
Drive technology
Mechanical engineering

"Satisfied customers, that's what we do it for!

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